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Improvements to My Investments section

Today we've released a few changes under the My Investments tab of your account. In this post we'll let you know what they are, and give you a quick recap of the My Investments section of the platform.

Loan status column

The Active Investments table now has a new column indicating the status of each loan. The status could be:


  • Performing - a healthy loan with no issues
  • Late - the loan has one or more interest payments which are late
  • Overdue - there has been a delay of more than a day on the scheduled repayment of a loan
  • Default - the loan has been declared as being in default and a recovery process has been initiated


At time of writing, all LandlordInvest loans are Performing, so you will only see the green Performing label if you check your account.

When a loan has a status of anything other than Performing, you will be able to visit the loan listing to view a notice with more information.


Simple and advanced table views

We've previously actioned our Investor's requests to add extra information to the My Investments table, to assist them in the analysis of their accounts. With this latest addition of the Status column, the table was becoming a little unwieldy so we've introduced two types of view.

The simple view shows you a clear overview of your loans so you can easily check your position and their status.



Those users who wish to delve a little deeper, can click the button for the advanced view. This will show columns for:

  • Security
  • LTV
  • Risk type
  • Months remaining
  • A link to the interest schedule

It will also allow the table to make use of the full width of your screen, which will be useful on a laptop or  a desktop.



The platform will remember which table view you last used, and show it by default when you move between tables or logout/login of the platform. So if you always want the advanced view, you don't have to keep clicking it on every page.


My Investments recap


  • Earlier this month, we added a feature for automatic withdrawal of interest which can be enabled from the 'Investment settings' button in the screenshot above.
  • You can also download any and all Pending, Active, Sold and Repaid loans in Excel format using the 'Investment data' button.
  • Active investments can be download as a PDF Statement using the 'Statement (PDF)' button.
  • Qualifying loans and loans parts can be listed for sale in the secondary market using the 'Sell' button on each row.


We hope that you will like these new updates and please let us know if you have any feedback or comments as we are always looking to improve our users' experience.



Our blogs are for information purposes only. This content is not financial, legal or tax advice.  Should you require any advice in relation to the earnings you make from LandlordInvest we recommend seeking independent professional advice. The information in this blog is correct at the time of posting.

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