Earn up to 12%* per annum by investing in loans secured by British properties.

Invest in residential mortages and get exposure to one of the UK's best performing asset classes.

* Capital at risk. Please see our Risk Warnings for further details.

Investing is simple

Create a free account

Create your free account within a few minutes.

Select a loan

Browse and select which loans you wish to invest in. All loans contain detailed information about the borrower and the security.


Earn Returns

Receive monthly interest from your loans. Our loans pay an interest of 5-12% p.a.

Looking for our new Innovative Finance ISA?

  • Use our simple lending platform to choose loans secured by property
  • Lend to professional landlords
  • Receive monthly interest payments directly into your lending account

You can get higher returns with some individual P2P platforms. LandlordInvest, for example, which lets investors fund buy-to-let loans, offers returns of up to 12 per cent. And if you invest through an Innovative Finance Isa your returns can be tax-free.

Click here for the article (Aug 2018)

Opening an account with us is free and you can start investing with as little as £100.

Why should you invest through us?


1. Security

Our loans are secured by property. Your money is protected by property in the event of a borrower default. Whilst the investment is backed by property, the realisable value of the security depends on the value of the underlying property.

2. Returns

Earn returns of up to 12% p.a. We are able to offer higher returns as we are charging low fees and targeting unserved borrowers.

3. Risk diversification

Diversify your portfolio - invest in residential or commercial property-backed loans.

4. Transparency

No auto bids – you choose which loans you wish to invest in.

We provide our investors with the opportunity to build up a secured and diversified portfolio through our simple and transparent online lending platform.

Please read and ensure that you understand our Risk Warnings prior to investing.

Risk management - our priority


High underwriting standards

Our borrowers are subject to same rigorous underwriting processes as used by high street banks. We don’t take any unnecessary risks.


We carefully evaluate and provide you with the option to choose from various loans to reduce your risk.

We work with several credit checking firms

In order to ensure that we have all information on all borrowers and to protect you from any borrower fraud.

We don't take any unnecessary risks

We only accept borrowers which we would be comfortable to invest with ourselves.

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