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LandlordInvest mentioned by The Times

In a article, entitled "Look at your peers if you want better returns", The Times writes an article about P2P lending and how higher returns could be available to investors compared to keeping savings in a bank or building societies (although with a higher risk).

The article goes on stating that investors could potentially earn higher returns on LandlordInvest than on other P2P lending platform (including the possibility to earn tax-free returns through our Innovative Finance ISA):

"The latest P2P Forecast Returns Index by 4th Way, an analyst, shows the average return is 4.68 per cent. The figure is based on typical interest rates after fees and predicted bad debts across several P2P lenders.

You can get higher returns with some individual P2P platforms. LandlordInvest, for example, which lets investors fund buy-to-let loans, offers returns of up to 12 per cent. And if you invest through an Innovative Finance Isa your returns can be tax-free."

The full article is available here.

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