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Platform update: account settings

Whilst updating infrastructure to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we've also reviewed the features and layout of our account settings pages and made some changes and additions to offer investors more control of their information, emails and security.

Account settings can be accessed in the 'My Account' dropdown in the top right of the platform.

The first tab you will find is 'My information'. Your email address and profile information are private and used for our records only, you can view and amend them here. Your display name is public and will show in the list of investors on loan listing in which you've made an investment commitment. If you wish to be shown as an anonymous investor, you can check the box below.


We've introduced a new tab bring your security controls together, the existing option to change your password can now be found here along with some new features.

There is a table showing the date of recent logins made by your account along with information about the device used and the IP the login was made from. You can also choose to receive an email notification each time your account is logged into from a new IP address.

The Two Factor authentication section shown below is not currently visible to most accounts, it will be launched soon and we are currently welcoming beta testers to use the feature, please contact us if you'd like to be one of the testers.

Two Factor authentication provides an option to require an extra security code to login to your account. After associating your mobile phone with your account, we'll send an SMS code each time your account is logged into that will be required to complete the login.


The last tab is for email settings.

The first checkbox allows you control whether or not you receive emails about investment opportunities including new loans published/available, progress of funding etc. Those emails also have a special new unsubscribe link that you can click to unsubscribe at any time directly from the emails, that link has the same effect as unchecking this box but doesn't require you to login.

Below that, you can opt in to notifications from the secondary market and control the frequency with which these will be sent. This is the same setting that's also shown on the secondary marketplace section of the site.

Finally we offer granular control of system notifications corresponding the actions described. These were previously always sent, and these boxes default to checked so no action is required to maintain the status quo, however if you wish you can disable any system notifications you don't want here.


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