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Platform update: automatic withdrawal of interest now available

Recently a few investors have enquired about the possibility to automatically have their interest earnings paid to their bank account. Today we've released a new platform feature to enable this.

To manage this setting, visit the 'My Investments' tab of the platform dashboard, and click the new 'Investment settings' button.

If you have already added your bank details to your account, you will see the form below and you can enable the feature by checking the 'Automatically withdraw' box and clicking 'Save settings'.

Note: If you haven't yet added your bank details, the form will be temporarily disabled and you will see a link to add them.

Once you've enable the feature, all future interest payments will automatically create a withdrawal in your account, which will be transferred during standard operating hours.

Whilst making this change, we've also separated the tables for each status of investment to their own page to make the 'My Investments' tab easier to read.



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