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RLC Ventures speak about their investment in LandlordInvest

One of our first investors, Reece Chowdhry, Founder and CEO of RLC Ventures, has been interviewed by Crowdcube, one of the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms.

Reece speaks about what he looks for in a new investment opportunity, how he came by LandlordInvest and decided to invest into us and general thoughts about the P2P lending industry.

A short version of Reece’s responses is reproduced below and the interview is available in full here.

How did you come by LandlordInvest and why did you invest?

We met the founders Filip and Nik in 2016 and were blown away by their knowledge and experience in the property market. Filip, the CEO and co-founder, and Nik, the CFO and co-founder, managed billions in assets at a family office and both are very experienced in the lending and property market. We noticed that the team had a diverse background with a combination of technical knowledge, determination and vision. Filip was technical and completely dedicated – he had worked for two years without a salary and wrote an FCA application himself – saving the business thousands in expenses.
The teams’ experience comes from banking and private investment, managing multi-billion-dollar asset management for a family office, publishing, business systems and data analysis, and they were entering a market that was still ripe and with plenty of space for change. At the time LandlordInvest was just an idea – we simply backed the team and got to know them through rigorous interviews and psychometric testing, which is still the basis of our investment thesis to date.

What are your thoughts on the current investment landscape of P2P lending?

The P2P lending market has many firms with different business models, which makes it difficult for investors to choose and compare. The FCA, which is currently shaping the legal framework for the P2P industry, has proposed regulations that are addressing this issue. There is also a variation between different firms’ management teams in terms of experience and one of the biggest challenges for them is to keep a balance between borrowers and investors. That is why it is important for the management team to have a diverse background with solid experience to better achieve and maintain this balance.

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