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Improvements to the secondary market and My Investments table

This week we've released an improvement to the way secondary market transactions are processed. Each investor account will now have only one loan part per loan. Sales decrease the loan part amount and purchases increase it, along with the correct pending interest schedule.

This replaces the previous system whereby every loan part that was bought was added as a new investment to the buyer's portfolio. See this image for an example:

My Investments table screenshot

This led certain investors who were very active on the secondary market to have a very long My Investments table. As the loan parts were all seperate investments, attempting to sell down some or all of the position required the investor to list the parts they had bought separately. This had a number of downsides such as the adminstrative burden for the seller, as well as creating too many email notifications for those users who have opted to receive an email instantly upon all lisings being created.

Following this week's change, the example investor from the screenshot above would now only have a single record which could be listed in full once.

Note: The change effects only new loans and loans that were eligble to be traded on the secondary market (2 or more interest payments remaining) on 20 March 2019. Further work will be completed to the Repaid table in due course.

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