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Who is LandlordInvest?

LandlordInvest is a UK based peer-to-peer (P2P) platform where people and companies lend directly to landlords based in the UK. All loans are secured by British property to avoid the risks associated with unsecured lending.

Our platform has two products: buy-to-let mortgages (BTL) and bridge loans. All borrowers are subject to comprehensive due diligence and loan underwriting process prior to making a loan available to lenders. Indeed, we use the same underwriting process as the high street banks and work with leading credit referencing agencies, including Experian and Equifax.

We manage borrower’s interest payments and also act on behalf of lenders in case of a borrower default.

We are able to offer investors’ high returns and borrowers more competitive rates than what is available from banks as we remove the middlemen and are more efficient than the banks.

For more information please see the invest and borrow page.

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